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Logs Involving Minos, Part Two

Part One:

Description of those annoying crabs:

On the naming of Captains:

On Krastos, one of the lost seas: (Note that Darque has taken up Lucius's OOC position, but help is still very much welcome if anyone is interested in scheming. Players to muck about in the Obsidian Sea are always welcome!)

Darque talks about the infamous Vortex Cannon:
as well as :

Much on the Starchaser (a Minosan ship Captained by John, aka Redhand) from the point of view o'the crew: and and
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Obsidian Nights

Minos has three lost seas. One of them, Krastos, has been developed by Lucius from a treatment by Gerard the Second, is a land of obsidian and salt, of hard, dark magics and desperate living.

From the info packet:
The Krastosan Sea is turbulent and highly volcanic. The skies are often dark with ash, underlit by the red glow of the many active cones. There are several small villages here, as the ground is ripe for growing (although flat areas are few and far between), but only one city, Kristoi, The Obsidian City. Here rules the Khristoni cult, with human sacrifices and cutthroat politics.

Due to Lucius taking up the mantle of the Lyonesse Propco, his involvement with this aspect of Minos has been dropped. As such, we are seeking anyone interested in running scenes here...yes, we have ways of getting back and forth...and creating characters or NPCs from there, to kick some Minosan play off.  Contributing to the mythos is very welcome.

If interested, please contact Gerard, Dinah, or in a pinch, Cyrus (Cyrus is quite busy with the new plot exploding all over Amber from Chantris, but is available for advice.)


The Namin' O' Captains

The Namin' o' Captains be a dif'cult matter,
'T ain't jest one o' your dim shore-leave games;
You may a' first think me a mad ol' wave-slapper
When I tells ye, a Cap' must have THREE DIF'ER'NT NAMES.

First of all, be the name what the family use daily,
Such as Dinah, Cyrus, Caine or Gerard,
Such as Maggie or John, Quinn or Callisto--
All them be sensible an' ain't terr'bly hard.
Thar be fancier names if ye wants some more sly,
Some for the gentlefolk, some for the salts:
Such as Vitis or Flanagan or Malachi-
But all them be sensible'n ain't got no faults.

But I tells ye, a Cap' need a name what's partic'lar,
A name what's peculiar, an' more dignified,
Else how would he keep up his "mast" perpendic'lar,
Or spread out his mainsail, or drink to 'is pride?
Of names of this kind, I can give you a bushel,
Such as Stormcrow, Danger, or even Steadfast,
Such 's Discordia, or else Squall 'r Peril-
What don' seems to belong to more'n one Cap'.

But belay yourself lubber, there be a name left over,
And that be the name that you ain't gonna guess;
The name that no blasted damn Rebman'll uncover--
But THE CAP'S AULD FRIENDS KNOW, and won't never confess.
When you notice a Cap' in profound "meditation",
Slumped o'er their table in a puddle o' rum:
Their companions be n'gaged in a hushed conversation
O'er the thought, or the plot, or the mock of 'is name:
Cap'n PantsThiever, Hungover,
Migraine, or Cowardice
Their passed-out-on-the table, drinkin' night name.

-Molly's player, with apologes to Eliot (and everyone else)


Rejected Captain's Names

Captain Awesome
Captain Interrobang
Captain Kumquat
Captain Antidisestablishmentarism
Captain !!!!
Captain Mycaptain
Captain Arson
Captain Undertow*
Captain Emo**
Captain Codpiece
Captain Starkers
Captain Posthumous

*Half Minosan, half Rebman
*Half Addison, half....
Skull & Tentacles

Plots Ahoy!

NPC Forty is getting out and about, drumming up RP about Minos with adventures happening there soon.

If you are interested in Minosan play (need not be Minosan), let Forty, Lucius, and Gerard know. (OOC at the very least)
Dark Galleon

Beastiary Entry: Drop-Crabs

Most people think of crabs as those cute deflated football-shaped things drawn on menus, and about the size of your fist. Not Minosan crabs.
The blue ones like to climb trees and pounce on their prey. Normally, humans are much too large to be seen as prey, but there are the occasional reports of a starved crab trying its luck. Deaths are exceedingly rare from this, although maulings and disfigurement are not unheard of.
The black ones, likely  from Road taint, are inedible, viscious, and tend to grow larger. Some of been sighted the size of a pony. Deaths from these recent invaders are more common.